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Q: What’s the difference between VJdirector streaming, standard, mini and delux?

A: VJDirector is available in 3 different editions now:streaming, standard, mini.The delux edition for english is still under developing and will come out soon. The difference between them exists in their certain advanced features. See the VJDirector Technical Specifications for an overview.

Q: If I have bought x86 edition and want to get x64, what should I do?

A: You need to pay an extra $50.

Q: If I have bought VJDirector1 a few years ago and want to upgrade to VJDirector2, which edition will I get?

A: Ultimate edition.

Q: If I want to upgrade my VJDirector or VJMS, what should I do?

A: Email to service@nagashare.com to tell us your request and the email you left when submitted order and then we can send you the download link after checking.

Q: If I download the trial VJDirector or VJMS, what’s the expiration date?

A: The expiration date of VJDirector trial edtion (only 4 channels are available) is 30th Jun, 2014. With VJMS trial you can only use 1 channel for 1 day.

Q: Why pops up an error dialog box when software starts?

A: Possibly because that the video adapter driver does not support Direct3D, or Direct3D acceleration disabled.

Q: Why does the software point out failure to channel load source?

A: Failure to load a media file may because of the lack of the DirectShow decoders. Please find out third party decoder package and install it or download from http://www.nagashare.com/download/codecs.zip. If loading devices, please confirm whether there already exists an audio device (some video devices contain audio device such as DV)

Q: What is the difference between unregistered edition and registered one?

A: Unregistered edition has our company’s LOGO on output video, but its function is same to registered one.

Q: Why does the white color of the corer banner disappear?

A:This software digs out the white color by default. If you need the white color, please use TGA image files.

Q: Why does some switch effect class have no effect?

A: We will provide more switch effects for later versions.

Q: Why does the software use so many cpu and memory resources?

A: Please read the readme.txt file to check whether your computer meets the software requirements.

Q: Does VJDirector include any hardware such as video capture card?

A: No, VJDirector is just software, but it supports all video hardware based on Windows DirectShow. You can use the trial version to try your card first.

Q:How to use the VJVGA capture function?

A: Deploy VJVGA capture by the following steps.
Step 1. Run VJVGACap in a remote computer (the captured computer) after being installed.
Step 2. Select a channel in VJDirector software, click “Load Source” button and input vjvga://ip:port into the “Video Source” in the pop-up “Select Source” dialog box. IP is the IP address of the remote computer. Port is the listening port (8015 by default) set in VJVGACap on the remote computer, for example, vjvga:// Then click OK.
Step 3. The remote computer must be connected to VJDirector computer with network cable and accessed via IP.

Q: What is the CG editor?

A CG File edited by VJCG File Editor can quickly publish the words that have been edited and the images that have been processed already. First, click button ‘File’ to load CG files and then all the CG items will be listed in the form of thumbnail. Second, select the item you want to publish and click button ‘send to pre-monitor’ which can send the item to pre-monitoring screen for preview. Or you can click button ‘send to main monitor’ to send it to the main output screen. For more details about VJCGEditor, please refer to VJCGEditor help document.

Q: Can I become an affiliate and help sell VJdirector and VJMS?

A: Yes! Please use this link to download application chart and then send it to marketing@nagashare.com after filling the requested items. Once become our reseller you can buy our products at about 40% discount.Or you may want to see our Reseller list.

Q: I have a question not listed here, where can I get an answer?

A Nagasoft Support Forum is the place where members can chat about Nagasoft products. If you still cannot find what you are looking for then register on the forum, read the forum rules and post your question in the Support forum.

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