NSCaster 558

Instead of numerous and expensive equipments which the traditional way of streaming requires ,
NSCaster protable solutions integrate all kinds of functions you ever need in just one suitcase.
Easy to use and easy to go, NSCaster creates a fun and powerful way of live streaming.

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NSCaster 558 introduction

NSCaster 558 is a powerful live broadcasting device, it has lots of powerful features, including 3D trackless virtual scene, multiple input channels transition, recording, broadcasting, streaming, audio mixer, delay broadcasting, subtitles, Multiview, PTZ camera control, remote connection and multiple channels GPU chromakey etc. NSCaster 558, all in one, easy to setup, easy to use. It is less than 10 kg and needs a few staff to quickly set up a professional studio and to produce high-quality video programs.

All-in-one Design

NScaster 558 adopts all in one design, highly integrated. It contains built-inmainframe, 17.3 inch Full HD display, PC keyboard, mouse touchpad, built-in controlpanel, PTZ camera pan and tilt control, video input and output interface package,professional audio input and output, audio mixer, bluetooth wireless communication,TALLY output, hot plug hard disk, data output, DVD burner. The total weight is lessthan 10KG, easy to carry and easy to go with high strength plastic luggage.

12 Input Channels

NSCaster 558 has 12 input channels, including four SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI camera inputs, one full interface (SDI/HDMI/DVI/VGA/component) input, three NET inputs, two DDR (video clips) inputs,and two virtual scene inputs.

Full interface input and output

Full interface input can be used to connecting cameras or PC desktop. Network input channel can be used to connect computer desktop, Android devices, iOS devices, IP camera through the network; it also can connect to network streaming sources, it support RTMP/RTSP/MMS/VJVGA/VJTeacher/HTTP TS/UDP TS protocol.
DDR channels are used to play media files such as audio, video and picture files. It supports most popular media file formats, and it support play with single file or playlist. It also support loop play, progress adjustment, playback rate adjustment, play time countdown and automaticly play with switching.
Support one SDI/HD-SDI and one HDMI output of PGM video and audio signal.

Multiview And Graphics Card output

NSCaster support MultiView in external display monitor by DVI/HDMI/DP. It has five multiview modes including single screen, quad screens, ten screens, thirteen screens, sixteen screens. Multiview channel layout and multiview content hight can be adjusted.
NSCaster 558 supports output PGM to external display monitor or projector. PVW/AUX can output to monitors and it supports multi-monitors monitoring different contents simultaneously.

Nagasoft Live+ interconnection system

Based on NDDIP (Nagasoft Director Device Interconnection Protocol), Nagasoft creates a new Live+ interconnection system, throughout the entire equipment supply chain and service chain in industry, in order to achieve interconnection and interworking among a variety of core live production devices and front-end capture equipments (such as: mobile phone, encoder, UAV etc.), and forming the live broadcasting solution relying on network system.
Each Live production device added into the live+ interconnection system, owns the only director code and corresponding QR code. No matter anywhere it locates, front-end equipments can be easily linked into live production devices by entering the director code or scanning the director QR code, in order to optimize the entire directing process.
Live+ interconnection system owns an open system framework and Nagasoft provides open SDK for third party vendors joining the Live+ system easily. Currently, iOS, Android, Windows SDK are available.

Powerful recording feature

NSCaster supports recording PGM into AVI, MPEG2-PS, MPEG2-TS and MP4. MPEG2 support YUV4:2:0 and YUV4:2:2, MP4 support YUV4:2:0, YUV4:2:2 and YUV4:4:4.
PGM recording supports continuing recording after pause.
Support PGM clean recording, support Nvidia GPU accelerated, H.264 and H.265 encoding.
Support cameras, VGA, network input, simultaneous recording into MP4, FLV, and support for double stream recording.
NSCaster supports PGM grab, and add to DDR playlist automatically.
MP4 file recording supports safety recording, and the recorded files can be restored to normal when the system is out of power.

Multiple Format Network Streaming

It supports MMS streaming, FLASH/RTMP push streaming, and UDP TS unicast or multicast streaming, RTSP push streaming, HTTP FLV pull streaming, HTTP M3U8 pull straming.
MMS uses WMV/WMA encoding, RTMP uses H.264/AAC encoding, and UDP TS uses MPEG2/H.264/H.265 encoding.
RTMP supports three bitrate stream encoding, and each bitrate stream can streaming to RTMP servers without limitations.

Professional Transition Effects

NSCaster 558 support multiple cameras switching with transition effects. It includes eight transitions types: wipe, slide, page, dissolve, stretch, PIP, 3D and swap, and it has more than 200 built-in transition 2D or 3D effects. Users can use the effect editor to create new transition effect or edit the built-in transition effect.


Supports CG subtitle, embedded and external CG editor. Each CG page includes subtitles, text,image, image sequence, timer, clock and channel. It supports CG publishing to channel, PGM and PVW.
Supports simple text subtitle, fast type or import from text files. Instant publishing support one key to a record.
It supports 4 logo overlay, supports Alpha channel and dynamic logo. Logo position can be adjusted.
Support clock display, font, size and position can be adjusted.
External CG image and text editor, powerful CG customization feature as shown.

Remote CG publishing

NSCaster supports remote publish CG for overlay by IP network. So the subtitles operators can use another computer to publish subtitles into NSCaster. It supports text, image, image sequence,timer, clock. It supports CG overlay without layer limitation, CG position and size can be adjusted.

Professional Audio Mixer

NSCaster has a built-in professional audio mixer, which supports VU monitoring and gain control per channel, supports dBVU/dBu/dBFS VU standard, and each channel can operate independently.
The built-in audio mixer support mixing switch, follow, solo, audio channel balance and, channel copy feature and audio monitoring feature. It supports left and right channel balance settings, supports mono turning into stereo.

Real-time GPU Chromakey

NSCaster 558 all inputs support real-time chromakey with GPU Accelerated. It support full color background keying, not only green and blue background. It has lots of setting parameters including key color, brightness, shadows, blur, edge, overflow control, borders, and exclude.

Professional Virtual Scene

NSCaster 558 has many built-in professional 2D and 3D virtual scenes, covering news, finance,education, military, interviews, entertainment, sports and other applications.
Nagasoft will continue to develop new virtual scene, and provide for update. And users can use the virtual scene editor to create new virtual scene or edit the built-in virtual scene.

Multi-Camera 3D trackless virtual scene

NNSCaster 558 uses a three-dimensional virtual scene, including two camera positions three dimensional trackless virtual and each camera position can be transferred to an angle of the three dimensional virtual scene. The virtual camera can simulate camera movement, push and pull, and physical camera does not need to move but virtual camera moving path can be edited.
It supports 2 channels 3D virtual scene inputs, Each virtual scene channel can select a virtual 3D scene and a virtual camera, each virtual 3D scene allows to set up multiple virtual cameras through the editor. It supports for 3D virtual camera paths push and pull, and the paths can be edited.
Each virtual camera has 4 preset point of paths, can track the transition and the transition time is adjustable. The scene supports maximum 4 inputs, each input can be independently linked to other input channels, the input can be arranged on the TV wall or any virtual object surface with adjustable position and size.

PTZ Camera Control

Support the operation of PTZ camera, support zoom, focus and aperture, support the upper and lower, left and right, upper left, lower left, upper right and lower right movement of PTZ camera,support mouse drag to any target location, fast positioning. Supports PELCO-D/PELCO-P/VISCA protocol, support 255 preset site calls and settings. Support RS485/RS232 PTZ camera control,support IP camera Onvif PTZ control. PTZ operations support virtual camera control in the virtual scene.

Social Media Support

Support to grab text and image content from RSS, Sina micro-blog, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, and publish to the PGM channel by CG.

AutoBroadcast System

Built in 7x24 hour automatic broadcasting system, can edit a broadcast list based on the timeline,and broadcast according to it automatically. The broadcast list can add video and audio files, data acquisition devices and channels. It Supports for switching effects, point to point set, automatic switch, automatic subtitles publishing, preview video and audio files and other features.

Slow Motion Replay

Support slow motion replay, support forward, reverse, slow, fast replay. It supports forward and backward frame level control. It can spport four playback channels in real time simultaneously. It support maximum 4 times faster and 1/8 slow speed for the replay. It support one button to quickly create playback events, one button play and can also set point to point playback events manually. It supports multi-camera continuous play. Playback events can be sorted as list. It supports automatically play based on multi-channel playback events list. It suppotrs replay with cut in and cut out effects. Replay contents can be saved and opened synchronously. Support working with external professional slow motion reply keyboard.

NSCaster Prototypes Compare Table

Models NSCaster 351 NSCaster 558 NSCaster Mini
Case Portable Case
Built-in two 23″ Full HD monitor
Portable Case
Built-in 17.3″ Full HD monitor
Portable Case
Built-in 11.6″ Full HD monito
Video Format SD/HD SD/HD SD/HD
Total Channels 12 12 12
Video Input Channels 5 5 4
NET Channels 3 3 5
DDR Channels 2 2 2
VI Channels 2 2 0
Video Input 4 x SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI
1 x SDI/HDMI/DVI/VGA/Componet
1 x SDI/HDMI/DVI/VGA/Componet
Audio Input 1 Channel 1/4″ TRS Stereo Mic Input
(Support +48 Phantom Power).
1 Channel 1/4″ TRS Stereo Line Input.
1 Channel 3.5 mm Mic Input.
1 Channel 3.5 mm Line Input.
SDI/HDMI Embedded Audio.
2 Channels XLR/TRS Balanced Mic/Line Input
(Support +48 Phantom Power).
1 Channel 3.5 mm Mic Input.
1 Channel 3.5mm Line Input.
SDI/HDMI Embedded Audio.
2 Channels TRS Balanced Mic/Line Input
1 Channel 3.5 mm Mic Input.
1 Channel 3.5mm Line Input.
SDI/HDMI Embedded Audio.
Video Output 1 x SDI/HD-SDI
1 x HDMI
1 x HDMI
4 x SDI LOOP out
1 x HDMI
4 x SDI LOOP out
Audio Output 2 Channels 1/4″ TRS Stereo Line Output.
1 Channel 3.5 mm Output.
SDI/HDMI Embedded Audio.
2 Channels XLR/TRS Balanced Output.
1 Channel 1/4″ TRS Stereo monitor Output.
1 Channel 3.5mm Output.
SDI/HDMI Embedded Audio.
2 Channels TRS Balanced Output.
1 Channel 3.5mm Output.
SDI/HDMI Embedded Audio.
Projector Output
TALLY 6 Channels 8 Channels -
Control Keyboard NCP350 Built-in -
Storage 128GB SSD
Hot-Plugging SATA HDD 5 Slots 1 Slots -
Built-in Keyboard and Mouse -
Built-in Speaker -
Built-in DVD R/W -
Built-in WIFI
Built-in Gigabit Ethernet 1 1 1
USB 6 6 6
PGM/PVW/Channels Monitor

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